14 February 2010

Moi/Mikael Lekström/Crazy Mike
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14 February 2008

Pause Ljud & Bild

One part of Pause christmas campaign 2007 was to realise an exclusive DVD box set, with limited edition versions of Citizen Kane, Clockwork orange, Saving private Ryan,Matrix and Sin City.

The box set is designed and hand crafted by Mikael Lekström, and has a limited production of only 200.

Thank you David Axelsson for your help with the photos.

13 February 2008

The Swedish Association for Sexuality Education

This ad illustrates the new "trust in lust" sex toys from RFSU, drag and drop into the horny ad, and make sure you have sound!
Åkestam Holst

12 February 2008


A poster design i created to be used at the festival 'esqape into the park'.


Over the past two years the Oxfam ’Generation Why’ sub-brand dramatically improved perceptions of Oxfam amongst people engaged in the youth programme.
However, qualitative research into youth communications revealed a number of shortcomings. So, Oxfam commissioned ODD to develop a new communications strategy, identity and creative approach to their youth marketing – with was first seen throughout most of the UK music festivals of 2007 as posters and banners but also on other printed material, t-shirts, stickers, badges, animation, branded spaces and online.

The brief was to refresh Oxfam´s youth identity to ensure that it appealed strongly to the target audience; adds value to Oxfam´s brand rather then diluting it; competes favourably with communications from other brands in the same marketplace.

This audience often gets ’bulldozed’ with shocking or over-demanding imagery from other charitites. We wanted people to find Oxfam accessible and discover more information at their own pace and at a time witch didn’t interfere with their festival experience.
Live your life, change your world.

Creative Director – Nick Stickland/Simon Glover
Art Director – Shammi Umeria
Jr Art Director – Mikael Lekström

11 February 2008

Pause Ljud & Bild

UNUSUALLY is a communication concept we have incorporated into everything we create for Pause (an exclusive chain of HiFi stores). This campaigned was aimed at film enthusiasts, and communicates the film that should be experienced using the high-end products that Pause ljud och bild sell.

We illustrated a number of different well-known scenes, using the Pause ljud och bild employees, as different characters, to promote the classic box set. The ads went out in some of Sweden's largest newspapers.

One part of their christmas campaign 2007 was to realise an exclusive DVD box set, with limited edition versions of Citizen Kane, Clockwork orange, Saving private Ryan,Matrix and Sin City.

The box set is designed and hand crafted by Mikael Lekström, and has a limited production of only 200.

Art Director - Andreas Ullenius, Johan Landin

Jr Art Director/Designer - Mikael Lekström


The Colour Rooms
-Temporary Exhibition Design

Following Fallon’s award winning commercials ‘Balls’ and ‘Paint’ for Sony BRAVIA, in 2007 they launched their third commercial in the series - ‘Rabbits’. Along with the continued accolade from its exposure on television and outdoor media, Sony wanted to introduce another layer of communication to accompany its release in a non-traditional way.

ODD were briefed by Naked and Lunch Communications to design and build a temporary hospitality and exhibition space that would allow trade, consumers and the public an opportunity to experience the BRAVIA brand in a new and unique way and provide a showcase for exhibiting the newest technology in the hugely successful audio visual family of products.

After sourcing two uniqe spaces - a disused railway arch in Shoreditch and a former power station in Prenzlauer Berg (Berlin), ODD designed pop-up BRAVIA installations called The Colour Rooms. Opening at the beginning of September, both spaces will remain open until the end of 2007.

The purpose of The Colour Rooms is to create a unique and compelling experience of the BRAVIA brand and its products – typically the brand can only be experienced in uninspiring environments such as Dixons or similar dealerships – conflicting hugely with BRAVIA’s beautiful, original and award-winning advertising and product range.

Both venues operate as multi-function spaces to be used for BRAVIA purposes, such as dealer events; product launches; meetings/presentations and training sessions; but they are also available throughout the entire period for external bookings.

Each venue has a Bar/Bistro, full AV equipment facilities, a presentation area with stage, a variety of meeting areas and a 7.1 home cinema screening room for up to 25 people. London can cater for a total of 250 people with Berlin able to accommodate 300, but each venue is entirely flexible and areas can be sectioned off for much smaller groups.

Although they are BRAVIA spaces, branding has been kept to a minimum and only appears on the products - this was an intentional move to avoid traditional showroom display and to stay in-keeping with the sophisticated and understated brand values of BRAVIA.

Along with trade events, to date they have also been the venue for a pilot ‘Later with Jools Holland’ style live music show for Channel 4, a late-night audio visual experience hosted by Gilles Peterson and a private party with guests including Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Davina Taylor.

Alongside the interior/exhibition design, ODD also developed a unique identity and mark for The Colour Rooms, accompanied by stationary menus and other collateral within the spaces.

Creative Director - Nick Stickland/Simon Glover
Art Director - Richard Stevens
Art Director - Mikael Lekström